5 Mom Life Hacks for Busy Mothers


Even if it is not said out loud, we have all felt that moment when we have hit a wall when it comes to efficiency and organization in keeping our house, family, and our heads in order.

If that describes you, have no fear! By following these mom life hacks you will be sure to find a way to begin feeling like the superhero that you are!

1. Babyproofing Hacks

After celebrating a newborn, your little one’s days of keeping in one place are over before you know it. You’ll need to be on your A-game when it comes to preventing them from finding the most dangerous thing in the room (don’t worry, they will!) So what can be done?

The most practical thing we suggest you do is to begin thinking like a baby. Get down on all fours and see what is shiny, loose, or small enough to fit in a child’s mouth. You’ll be surprised how much you will find!

2. Get Rid of That Clutter

It is amazing, isn’t it? You could spend all morning or night clearing up and within a few seconds, everything from the toys to the clothes is back to looking like a warzone.

While we can’t prevent the inevitable from happening, mom life hacks can make your life easier in keeping your space clear.

Our best one is for the dreaded toy clean up. Before starting playtime use a blanket to place the toys down and get them to play there. Once it’s all done, there’s nothing more to than pick up the four corners and it’s over!

3. Keep a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping on the theme of clearing up, if you feel you are in a constant cycle of cleaning you are not the only one. it’s easy to lose track of time and jump from one household task to the next yet feel like nothing is ever accomplished.

That is why having a clear and rigid cleaning schedule is a must. As well as getting things done you also have the peace of mind of knowing that one of your goals is accomplished for the day, meaning you won’t feel guilty for enjoying that all-important you time.

Figure out what can be done daily weekly and monthly and get the whole family involved! A funny trick when the kids are old enough if you have more than one is to mark out squares using tape on the floor. Then tell the kids whoever sweeps the most trash wins!

4. Food Times Made Easy

The most important task for any mom is to keep your little munchkins well-fed, but it doesn’t have to be some time-consuming.

When you cook, especially on the weekend, plan ahead by cooking double portion sizes. Plan out your meals for the week and if you want something quick and on the go season and freeze meat and fish so there is nothing more to do than cook it up!

5. Mom Life Hacks Include Looking After You!

It’s easy to look outward, however, all moms need to recognize that if you are burnt out you are no good to anybody, especially yourself.

Accept help when you can and plan ahead for treats. It could be a movie night, a dinner with your significant other or just getting your hair done, whatever floats your boat. But keep that boat above water by avoiding letting the waves of modern parenting get you down. You deserve it!

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