How To Brighten Your Skin Complexion For The Spring


Spring up your beauty routine to achieve a bright, flawless complexion just in time for the warmer months. Every woman wants to put her best face forward and have sun-kissed, clear skin that dazzles. Here are some tips and tricks on how to instantly brighten up your skin’s complexion:

Slather on the Sunscreen

An uneven complexion can show up in myriad ways, including freckles, sun spots, or brown patches. To keep these unsightly dots at bay and even keep existing ones from getting darker, be sure to apply sunscreen liberally on your face and neck with a minimum SPF of 30. Also apply SPF balms to your more sensitive areas, including your lips and under your eyes. For added protection, don a large pair of chic sunglasses and a large floppy hat if you’re at the beach or running errands around town.

Don’t Pick at Pimples

If you don’t have sun spots but you do have acne, not applying sunscreen religiously will certainly cause those unsightly blemishes to darken over time. Additionally, picking at zits can leave scars on your pretty face. Throw increased sun exposure into the mix, and the result is a spotty complexion. Never pick or pop pimples and always apply your sunscreen!

Skin-Lightening Ingredients

To obtain a light and crystal-clear complexion, choose your skin care and anti-aging serum products wisely. Look for a Vitamin C serum that can naturally brighten your skin. Another ingredient to look for is Niacin, which can help to drastically lighten up your dark spots.

In order to get a brighter complexion this spring, ensure that you are protecting your skin with sunscreen, not picking at pimples, and utilizing the right products.