Hungry in Spain? Try These Fabulous Dishes

If you are Hungry in Spain, Malaga has what you need ... photo by CC user 12333120@N00 on Flickr

Eating delicious meals is an inevitable part of travelling, but this is especially true when you travel to Spain. These five cities are sure to make it on your travel itinerary, so check out these popular restaurants during your visit.


During your stay in Malaga you’ll want to make sure to eat at quite a few places, including Osteria Angelino dal 1899, La Recova, El Meson de Cervantes, and La Consula. There are plenty of restaurants that offer a perfect atmosphere for a romantic date night, such as Riosol. Other popular places are La Plaza Restaurant Malaga and El Tapeo de Cervantes. All of these options are one of a kind, similarly to the hotels in Malaga. You’ll find tons of accommodations that will enhance your experience tremendously.


Your departure from Alicante, Spain might leave you feeling ten pounds heavier than when you arrived, but it will be well worth it. The top restaurants to check out are Sapore Mediterraneo, Casa Mia Italia, Fast&Bio, La Barra Pompeyana, and many more. For an enjoyable romantic evening or a night out with friends, make an effort to visit a restaurant called Sudeste. The menu is extremely eclectic and has so much to offer so that no one will be disappointed. Many of these eateries are within walking distance of hotels in Alicante.


Many tourists visit Granada for the beautiful scenery, architecture, and history of the city. These people are always pleasantly surprised to find that the city has even more to offer than just this. The food here is delectable, specifically meals served at Grazie Mille, Meson el Cordobes, Cacho & Pepe, and La Casa della Pasta. A perfect dessert to follow any of these restaurants can be found at iViva Maria! – here you’ll find both entrees and desserts, but customers rave about the pastries and other bakery items. There are plenty of hotels in Granada that also have on-site restaurants, so take advantage of these as well.


Just like the rest of Spain, Torremolinos offers some amazing food that will make your trip unforgettable. The best restaurants as of today are The Carvery, La Cacerola, El Trillo, Fig and Olive, El Gato Lounge, and Restaurant Florin. Many of these establishments are geared towards tourists, so for a more authentic experience ask a local or even the staff members at one of these hotels in Torremolinos.


If you ask anyone in Seville about where to find a good meal, just about everyone will give you a list of at least ten restaurants. The options are endless here, but the restaurants that should be on everyone’s list are Eslava, La MariQuilla, Alma De Pastel, and La Brunilda Tapas. A great place for date night is Mechela Restaurante. Many customers have said it to have a romantic ambiance that is ideal for a dinner for two. Book a room in one of these hotels in Seville before researching all the yummy options that will leave your mouth watering.