Hungry in Thailand? Try These Top Thai Restaurants

All over the world, you can find Thai restaurants inspired by Thailand’s delicious cuisine. Just about every city has at least one Thai restaurant, and this is because Thai food is some of the best in the world. When you visit Thailand, take advantage of this. Here are the restaurants that you must visit while on your adventure.


Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a place filled with rich culture as well as rich food. Your mouth will be watering when you sit down for a meal at these restaurants: Restaurant Knock Out, Arroy Kaffeine, and Oasis Bar and Restaurant. For a true Thai experience, you’ll also want to make a stop at a place called Anna’s Restaurant. Here, you’ll find a combination of Thai and European food, but it’s the Thai dishes that are to die for. After you book a room in one of these Ko Phi Phi hotels, check out which restaurants are in the surrounding area.

Ko Phangan

In Ko Phangan, you can find a wide variety of hotels, shops, tourist attractions, and dining options. Restaurants range from authentic Thai cuisine to burgers and fries. For the true Thai experience, head over to Thong Sala, where you’ll find a variety of Thailand’s most popular dishes and some of the freshest seafood. If you need a break from Thai cuisine, The Holy Grill is a great option. This pub-style restaurant serves typical bar food, and the quality and service are outstanding.

Chiang Mai

Just like Ko Phangan, the city of Chiang Mai has a wide variety of food options. Here, you’ll find traditional Thai, American, European, and Mexican food, among other varieties. Vegetarians will appreciate Taste from Heaven, a restaurant that serves only vegetarian Thai-style dishes. For a yummy slice of pizza, head to Italics & Rise Akyra Manor before making your way back to one of these Chiang Mai hotels.



You won’t be crabby when you travel to Krabi, Thailand. You’ll be just the opposite, actually, when you sit down for a tasty meal at Chalita Cafe & Restaurant. Here you’ll find a combination of Thai and Italian, so whether you’re in the mood for a slice of pizza or a traditional Thai meal, they’ve got you covered. Other top-rated places include Elephant’s End Restaurant and Guesthouse, Mr.KRAB-i, Gecko Cabane Restaurant, and The SandBar. Think you got lucky with the food choices in Krabi? Just wait until you check out these affordable Krabi hotels.


The city of Thalang has numerous options for food, just like the other Thai cities mentioned. Here, you’ll find the perfect date night restaurant, a place called Siam Supper Club, where the romantic ambience is perfect for an evening out on the town with your significant other. A more family-friendly atmosphere can be found at Ann’s Kitchen Bar and Grill. Start preparing today by booking a room in one of these Thalang hotels. You won’t be disappointed!