Ways to raise the value of your home

Keeping on top of your landcaping is one sure way to raise the value of your home ... photo by CC user seanhobson on Flickr

With the fortunes of the American real estate market firmly on the upswing, homeowners across the nation are looking for ways to market their house as we head toward a economic climate that favors sellers.

Below, we’ll review just a few of the ways to raise the value of your home…

Replace your windows

Changing up your windows can have an immediate effect on the value of your property, as their improved aesthetics and energy efficiency will make your house more attractive to potential suitors.

For example, if you live in the Deep South, you’ll want to buy the best windows in Richmond Hill has to offer, as not only will you have a portal on the world that looks fabulous, the insulative properties that they offer will help keep cool air inside your abode during the disgustingly hot days that this region is infamous for during its long summers.

If you can’t find what you need at your local hardware provider, online services such as Calgary Windows will let you search for and purchase the product that suits your needs best.

Move to an open floor plan

Closed-off kitchens, dining and living rooms are so last century. If the wall that separates them is a non-load bearing wall, consider knocking it out so that there is a seamless transition between the three spaces.

To create additional prep space in your kitchen under this arrangement, install an island, and not only will you make the process of creating meals easier, but you’ll create a breakfast nook or sorts where quick morning meals can be consumed easily from a standing position.

Keep on top of your landscaping

Like it or not, first impressions still carry a great deal of weight in our society. This concept carries through to your home, as the state of your landscaping can positively or negatively affect your property’s curb appeal, and thus, the price it can fetch on the real estate market.

Keep your lawn in great shape, trim trees and bushes on a regular basis, and looks for ways to give your home’s external appearance that added extra touch that will garner it thousands of dollars more on the open market.

Install green-friendly heating/cooling systems

As we get deeper into the 21st century, concerns surrounding climate change are becoming more acute than ever.

Fortunately, green systems have been plunging in price over the past five years, making it easier to clean up the energy you use to heat or cool your home.

Having this infrastructure has become less of an awkward curiosity and more of a coveted feature in the eyes of home buyers, making a financial commitment more of an investment than an act of contrition to assuage one’s environmental guilt.