How A DUI Affects Not Only You But Your Family

Don’t drink and drive, is a common phrase that even the most prestigious alcohol manufacturer’s tell their customers. Drinking and driving is a severe offense that not only affects the perpetrator, but it also has adverse effects on their families and loved ones. According to the center for disease control, 1.4 million people were arrested in 2010 for drinking and driving in the United States. Mothers Against Drunk Driving poses even more startling statistics.

In 2012, MADD reported that about 10.3 million people drove under the influence. Repeat offenders approximated to a third of these arrests. Most DUIs arrests made were for people of ages 21 to 24, 30% were 25 to 34, and 24% were between 35 to 44 years. The consequences for DUIs can be far-reaching and difficult to overcome. That is why it is vital to have a lawyer on your side. Here’s how a DUI affects not only you but your family.

Lack of Trust

The first thing that your family thinks of you when they see you is that you could have killed someone, or altered their lives forever. A drunk driver kills a person every 39 minutes, while injuries occur every minute. In fact, more than half of accidents that result from drunk driving have the drivers with an alcohol concentration of 0.15%, whereas the legal alcohol concentration should be 0.08%. These startling statistics are a cause for concern. Mistrust eventually leads to problems for you and your family

Hefty Expenses

The costs incurred due to a DUI are hefty, and they can last up to 10 years on your record. In such cases, it is essential to get proper representation. Charges that you may incur could amount up to $30,000, to cover the towing costs, insurance premiums, and court fees, without forgetting expenses for injuries inflicted, if any. You can destroy your finances with this, and become a problem to your family.

Need for treatment

It’s typical for people to abuse alcohol and other drugs without even knowing it. They don’t seem to notice any problems with that. However, when you get to your intoxication limit, you start to make poor decisions that might change your life. Such situations might require that you seek treatment like an alcohol rehabilitation center in Massachusetts.

Loss of Driver’s license

If you go to trial and the court charges you with a DUI, you will lose your driving license. It means that you will have to be driven to places, thus affecting other people’s schedule. Driving without a license might put you into other legal problems.

Are there ways to recover from a DUI?

Recovering from a DUI, even for the first time might be difficult. However, it is entirely possible to come out of it. You may need to seek interventions to cope with the adverse effects of DUI. Some of the ways to recover from a DUI include;

  • Seek Out Professional – A DUI arrest will generally lead to two separate proceedings – an administrative license-suspension and criminal court case. A representative of this Mesa DUI Laywer firm explains how important it is to seek experts with legal training in handling a DUI charge. This can help minimize the DUI consequences and prevent poor results that can have been avoided.
  • Seek out a support group – If you feel that your family or friends are not the best options, seek a support group. These groups will guide you and even help you through those emotions that you might not have known that you had. They will provide you with an opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes.
  • Seek counseling therapy – If the support groups do not provide the solution to your problem, a personal counselor or therapist may be another option. They will help you especially if you think you have an alcohol addiction, and this may help you to overcome it. Regardless of whether this is part of the sentence, counseling might be vital for you to overcome your alcohol problems.
  • Consider rehab – Repeat DUIs can be a sign that you have a severe problem with substance abuse. If you do not seek help in such a circumstance, it might destroy you and your family. Rehab will help you end this addiction menace safely.

The effects of driving under the influence may not be harmful at first, but there will always be a risk. It is not worth it to take that chance. People with DUI problems should seek professional help to overcome them.