Shoe essentials every mom should have

For Moms that are in the corporate world, a powerful pair of black pumps are shoe essentials ... photo by CC user takazart on pixabay

Open your shoe closet one day, only to find that most of your rotation seems to be falling apart all at once?

As annoying as this situation can be, there is no better time than the present to overhaul your collection, which will permit you to clear this task from your mind and allow you to focus on matters of greater importance.

To aid you in this quest, here are some shoe essentials that you shouldn’t neglect when you head out shopping for some zapatos…

Going out for a morning/evening jog

Mothers looking to maintain their cardiovascular health often make a morning (or evening) run part of their daily routine.

These days, one of the biggest concerns for consumers is the rise of runners of substandard quality, which are turned out by companies looking to spend the least amount of money possible in the process of getting their products to market.

There are a number of brands out there, Merrell shoes among them, that reject this ethos, and focus on producing cross-trainers that will support the feet of their wearers, all while standing up to the constant pounding that daily use imposes upon them.

By selecting these types of sneakers, you’ll keep yourself healthy over the long term for your kids, while saving money by not spending it on new pairs that keep falling apart by the six month mark.

Making a statement at work

The demands that the modern world places upon our mothers often extend beyond the home, as today’s higher cost of living frequently requires them to work a full time job to help pay for the expenses that raising children requires these days.

While you could just comply to the letter of your employer’s dress code, taking the extra step and dressing to impress will cause those in decision-making roles to take notice of you.

Despite the fact that merit should matter more, there is truth to the saying that clothing (shoes included) make the person.

By breaking out the high heels for talks and high stakes business meetings, the height and style that they will give you will grant you the confidence boost you’ll need to excel in these environments.

Heading to the park with the kids

After a long work week filled with high-pressure situations, mothers often savor the opportunity to slow down and spend some quality time with their kids.

A trip out to the zoo or the park calls for a nice causal walking shoe, which blends a sense of understated style with support features that will prevent your feet from becoming fatigued during a full afternoon of activity.

Brands such as Rockport shoes create products that will support these goals, allowing you to have a great day with your family without wearing you out by the end of it all.