The most beautiful flowers on Earth at your fingertips – introducing BloomsyBox

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From anniversaries to first dates to weddings, people everyday are constantly on the outlook for the most beautiful flowers to express their affection for the special people in their lives.

Unfortunately, the offerings of many local florists often fall short of what discerning consumers today are looking for, leading them to seek out vendors on the internet for a more diverse set of options.

However, these providers are also fraught with their own problems, with many added extras and higher prices topping the list of concerns.

Recently, a new online floral service known as BloomsyBox has launched to address these issues, and we have to admit that they have done a fine job filling an unmet need in the flower service space.

Let’s explore below what this company offers the busy professional mom…

Specializing in single flower bouquets

One common complaint that many customers of online floral services have is that the bouquets that they have available are only mixed in nature.

While it is certainly a wonderful thing to have a mosaic of various beautiful flowers in a bunch, there is untapped demand out there for bouquets of a single type of flower, and Bloomsybox has gone after this market in stylish fashion.

From classic red roses, to exotic specimens shipped in from all over the world, those looking for a sharp-looking arrangement of a single type of flower will be very pleased with the service that they receive from BloomsyBox.

Cutting out the middleman means a better price for consumers

Most online floral retailers purchase their stock from wholesalers. This can push the price that you pay to a level that can make you question whether you should even bother shopping online for flowers in the first place.

BloomsyBox eliminates this concern by buying direct from flower growing regions in Holland, South American nations such as Colombia, and California, which allows them to pass along the savings to the consumer.

Leading the way in environmentally sustainable practices

Many flower brokers both online and in the brick and mortar world have long had the practice of draping their flowers in plastic wrap.

While this practice certainly saves money, the damage it does to the environment has made BloomsyBox switch to paper, as this is a material that is biodegradable.

This policy has prevented untold amounts of rubbish being remitted to landfills every year, making this company a solid choice for those wishing to reduce their environmental footprint on our planet.

Special services for lovers of beautiful flowers and businesses

Is the practice of keeping fresh bouquets around a unique décor aspect of your business? Love having a new set of flowers in a vase on your mantlepiece on a regular basis?

BloomsyBox offers a subscription model for repeat customers, and for those ordering flowers for their place of business, there is a dedicated line that grants B2B customers quick and efficient service.

In both cases, you will be able to obtain some of the most beautiful flowers in the world on a recurring basis with minimal hassle on your end.