Retro Party Games for the Wee Ones

Retro Party Games such as musical chairs can still be popular today ... Photo by CC user Artaxerxes on wikimedia commons

Photo by CC user Artaxerxes on wikimedia commons

It’s always great to take a little trip down memory lane and cherish the moments when you used to have fun in themed parties at your place or your friends place when you were still a kid. Well, now you can initiate your little one to these special parties and let them have some retro entertainment too. Instead of going for the usual cartoon character themed parties, you can let the kids discover and have fun with the retro party games that you used to enjoy back in the days. Well, you too can have some retro fun and party with your friends by playing bingo at Bingo Extra and other great games such as slots, scratch cards, and table and card games in a complete retro online environment. Now, get ready to discover some special blast from the past games that you can try at home with your kids.


Pin the Tail of the Donkey

You can either purchase or draw a large image of a donkey on a paper, but you should skip drawing its tail. Then draw the tail on another piece of paper and perforate its top side with a pin. Place the image of the donkey on the wall. Make sure it’s not higher than the kids’ size. Now you can start by blindfolding and spinning the little player in circles for a couple of seconds, until they lose their sense of direction.

Now your blindfolded player has to try to pin their donkey tail to the end of the donkey, but they have to recall where the donkey was in the first place. You could help them by shouting the correct direction to reach the donkey. Once the tail is placed, you can remove the blindfold. Allow all players to take their turn and leave all the tails where they have been placed until everyone has played. The one who has placed their tail nearest to the correct spot on the donkey win the game.


Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is an easy, fun, and perfect game that can be played by younger children. You can pair the kids up, and allow them to play as many times as they want. You can also make it more interesting by challenging them to a playoff, where winners will play against other winners, until just one emerges as the Tic Tac Toe champion. You can then treat everyone once the game is over. This great game is so entertaining that it can last for the entire day.


Who Am I

As you may already know, the wee ones enjoy guessing games, and you won’t find any better way to get their retro themed party started than the exciting game of ‘Who Am I’. Kids will certainly enjoy mingling with others at the party while trying to find out what animal is on their back. It’s not just the kids who will have fun with this game, but you will also enjoy this great icebreaker.


Musical Chair

We all loved playing that when we were younger and even now. Line up a row of chairs, and make sure they are back to back. There should always be 1 less chair than the total number of kids participating in this game. Now put on a music while the kids walk clockwise around the chair. The aim of the kids is to take a seat when the music stops. Every time the music stops, one child will be left standing. The last child who is able to take a seat on the last chair left wins the game.