Spring Wedding Trends

What are the latest Spring Wedding Trends? ... photo by CC user bellafaye8 on Flickr

There is a lot to be expected in terms of spring wedding trends, as we approach the 2016 spring wedding season. Here are a few things that you can expect to see at least once.

Convertible Wedding Dresses

The two-in-one wedding gown will gain popularity this spring season. Brides are always looking to stretch a dollar and get more bang for their buck (another trend in the world of weddings) and since the wedding gown typically can put quite the dent in the budget, you might as well make sure it serves double duty. Convertible wedding dresses offer a solution to thrifty brides for the ceremony, as well as reception.


This spring wedding season, expect to see flowers not just in the wedding party’s bouquets and in the centerpieces. A more fashion forward approach to floral is expected to be big this year. From 3D floral details to flower print on bride’s maid dresses and even wedding gowns, you will see the use of flowers heavily throughout events in the spring.

Also expect to see the centerpieces decorated with more than just the traditional flowers. This season food is will make a big statement throughout table centerpieces.

Satellite Bars

Great news for all you cocktail lovers out there! This season, brides and grooms will offer more than just one bar at the reception, as the use of satellite bars are expected to be prominent.


You can expect a shift in popularity of wedding venues this spring, as outdoor weddings prepare to take the lead stage. Cozy patios, barns, gardens, terraces, you name it. If it is outdoors and has a charming yet romantic appeal, it will likely be popular come spring.

Additionally, another trend involves glitz and glam. So what does that mean for wedding venues? It means that those lavish, elegant and flashy banquet halls might see some extra foot traffic this year.

From metallic, to sparkles, glitter, finger foods, and floral print wedding gowns – you can expect that the spring 2016 wedding season is going to be one for the books!

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