Stress from the kiddos? Here’s how to chill out

Kids, eh? Who’d have ‘em?

Well, you, apparently, and millions of other people.

Sometimes we wonder why and stare at our childless friends like Little Timmy staring at a Christmas turkey through a frosty window, but the stresses of having kids is worth it when they come running into your arms or show you a drawing they made, or literally a thousand other adorable little things they do.

That doesn’t mean your little ‘uns won’t cause you stress. They might be in their terrible twos, your other half might not be pulling their weight, your personal life might be invaded by chores or you might be concerned about the extra bills you have to pay.

Your kids are worth it, but you still need to find time to relax.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few simple strategies to help you relax throughout your days. After all, those quiet moments in your day can help you unwind the most.


Avoid the signs of stress

When you’re running around like a headless chicken all day, it’s inevitable that the signs of stress will begin to impact your body. Those crow’s feet and smile lines don’t come from nowhere – they’re exacerbated by high levels of stress.

But there are plenty of lotions and potions designed to help assuage the onset of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. They don’t specifically exist to reduce stress – but they can make any outward signs look almost invisible.

For our money, Crepe Erase is one of the hottest products on the market right now where wrinkle reduction is concerned. It’s a near-wonder treatment that can help erase wrinkles on the most tender parts of your skin. After all – who doesn’t want to look great while they’re minding the kids?

A simple breath

Under the black cloud of stress, sometimes there’s only one solution at your disposal – a deep breath.

It might sound puzzlingly simple, but breathing exercises are a core part of relaxation techniques. Oxygen stimulates the part of the brain that wants to chill out, releasing endorphins around the body and making you better than only a few breaths previously.

For a real burst of oxygen, head for a jog – the extra energy you’ll feel will make you forget that stress was even an option.

The art of meditation

In spiritual practice, meditation is the attempt to commune with God. But even if you don’t believe in mystical deities, meditation techniques can help you feel calmer throughout your day.

And these techniques don’t have to take up all your time. With a yoga mat in your living room, you can try a few chillaxing methods whenever you like.