Why do people use sauna?

More frequently than anybody else across time, Finns have traditionally used saunas for both health and pleasure. 90% of people in Finland use a sauna at least once a week. People are becoming aware of the effects saunas have on their appearance and health, they are “saunaing” (yes, that is a real term!) as part of their regular routines. Saunas are used by people in their homes, spas, and the changing rooms of fitness facilities. The sauna is a favorite in both Scandinavian and Finnish cultures. Coworkers often talk in the sauna, much like how American office workers get to know one another during happy hour. A lot of us would benefit from taking a little sauna break. Spas, gyms, and even private houses with indoor saunas all provide sauna services. On the other hand, constructing a sauna at your house might cost anywhere from $6,000 to $11,000 or more. How can we use saunas every day at home? Portable, multipurpose carbon fiber blanket called ZZIM NANG makes it possible for you to enjoy a dry far-infrared sauna whenever and wherever you wish.

ZZIM NANG will allow you to enjoy far infrared sauna in anywhere and anytime you want.

ZZIM NANG uses long-wavelength far-infrared technology to make users experience sauna in anywhere and anytime. Allowing you to enjoy a private sauna at home will make you to feel comfortable. You don’t need to worry about cleaning. After using it, just wipe ZZIM NANG off with a wet towel and turn on the electricity for about ten minutes to deodorize it. Any remaining stink will be removed by the far infrared wavelengths, leaving your blanket fresh and clean.

The greatest carbon fiber blanket you’ve ever had.

ZZIM NANG has zipper and includes strings on both sides. When you need a sleeping bag, open the zipper. Before you go to bed, put yourself in ZZIM NANG and zip it up. Normally, it’s challenging to move your arms inside of a sleeping bag. To provide extra comfort, ZZIM NANG features two arm slots that allow your hands to move freely. Placing ZZIM NANG on the ground allows you to use it as a comfortable mat. You may learn about two other features of ZZIM NANG in the ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

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To enable everyone to benefit from a far-infrared sauna whenever and wherever they want, ZZIM NANG was developed. People who live in countries with harsh winter and those who are more vulnerable to the cold were the ones who ZZIM NANG took extra care about. When creating ZZIM NANG, they paid particular attention to portability and compactness of the product. On Kickstarter, this amazing piece of modern technology is now ready to be pledged.