Bebe Foot Glass – The All-in-one Foot Filer – Available Now on Kickstarter

The one-minute care foot filer, Bebe Foot Glass, has launched on Kickstarter. Bebe Foot Glass is an unbreaking glass foot filer, equipped with hard and soft glass for foot care at the top, and a nail shiner for your manicure needs at the bottom.

The unique glass pattern lets you care for dry feet without having to soak them in water first, letting you finish treatment in 1 minute or less. The glass is embossed with a unique micro-pattern that’s etched in over a 3-stage process, which lets thousands of micro-particles safely remove the damaged parts of your feet with no risk of injury.

Bebe Foot Glass also lets you change the level of care to match the condition of your feet. Once you finish the initial treatment with the hard glass, you can use the softer glass to finish with more delicate care. You can also use the nail shiner at the bottom of the handle to clean your nails and make them really shine. 

Bebe Foot Glass is made of 100% glass, letting you easily rinse it in water. When you’re washing the glass, you can really see all the work it’s done for your feet.

Bebe Foot Glass launched on Kickstarter on February 22nd, where it can be bought at a discounted price.