The Unforgettables: What You Need to Pack for a Caribbean Getaway

Does a Caribbean Getaway to Palm Beach in Aruba sound good to you? ... photo by CC user Bjørn Christian Tørrissen via wikimedia commons

As you are preparing for your vacation to the Caribbean, you might think that throwing a few essentials into a suitcase will suffice. But shockingly enough, you’ll need more than just a few swimsuits and pairs of sunglasses. When you visit these five Caribbean destinations, be sure to pack these essential items to make the most of your trip.

Palm Beach, Aruba

After travelling to Aruba, many people agree that having an underwater camera is crucial. Whether you bring a fancy GoPro or choose to buy a disposable, waterproof camera, you’ll be happy that you thought to bring this. You’ll be spending much of your time in and under the water, so when your friends and family ask to see pictures you’ll be able to show them your true experience. Review your amazing photos as you scroll through your camera later that evening at one of these Aruba hotels.

Holetown, Barbados

When you think of Barbados, you think tropical weather, beaches, and sunshine. This means that long pants will probably not earn a spot on your packing list. The only problem with this is that many of the high-end restaurants require men to wear pants, so pack a pair if you wish to have complete access to any of Holetown’s finest dining options. There are plenty of places that do not require this, but keep this in mind if you do end up wanting a romantic dinner for two or a fancy steak dinner. The staff at many of Holetown’s hotels will be able to give you information on which restaurants are more strict or lenient.

Hamilton, Bermuda

The town of Hamilton, Bermuda is extremely casual, but this does not mean you shouldn’t look nice and presentable. Many Hamilton hotels, restaurants, bars, and other facilities expect customers to present themselves in a respectable manner. So although you don’t need to pack “fancy” clothes, be sure that what you throw in your suitcase will live up to Bermuda’s standards.

Nassau, Bahamas

Similar to Bermuda, many of the popular tourist spots in Nassau, Bahamas do not consider beach clothing to be appropriate attire in public places like hotels, restaurants, casinos, streets, etc. Obviously you should pack casual clothing like shorts, tanks tops and bathing suits for relaxing on the beach, but also pack a few nicer outfits for traveling around town and evening meals.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

You’ll find tons of souvenir shops in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. Even if you don’t intend on buying souvenirs, the affordable prices offered by vendors in this city will make buying things hard to pass up. Be sure to consider this as you pack your bags – save some space in your suitcase for souvenirs and gifts for friends and family members. Some people even choose to bring an empty suitcase with the intention of filling it up with things they buy during their travels. Affordable Boca Chica hotels are easy to find so you won’t feel bad spending a little extra money on fun souvenirs for you and the whole family.