Keeping Your Child´s Bedroom Decor Up to Date


All parents want their children to have a nice bedroom to play and sleep in. The problem is that most of us do not have a lot of spare time or an endless pot of money, which is why I think many of you will like this post. Below are some simple, affordable and quick ways to decorate a child´s bedroom.

Use pictures to update the decor

Your children´s tastes will change rapidly as they grow up, so you will want to update the theme of their room on a regular basis. A good way to do this is to regularly change the artwork. Firms like make it really easy to do this. This innovative print company can potentially turn any image into attractive canvas prints.

Stick to a neutral colour palette for the walls

Provided you have chosen a neutral colour palette you will not have to repaint the room every time you update your child`s room. The same applies to the flooring.

Consider using laminate flooring

Plain floors, in a neutral colour, will not have to be changed every few years. It makes sense to choose something that is hardwearing and easy to clean. Laminated flooring is a particularly good option. It comes in a big range of designs, is affordable, and super easy to lay and maintain. If you are worried about it being cold in the winter just buy a nice rug.

Invest in flexible furniture for your child´s room

As your child grows you will need to regularly update their furniture. In addition, because it is not always possible to buy the same style of furniture, you may end up having to redecorate so everything blends in.

Fortunately, there is now another option. Children´s furniture manufacturers are increasingly making products that grow with your child. For example, a crib that can be turned into a toddler´s bed, and later be used as a cupboard. Quite a few Scandinavian manufacturers are starting to make this kind of furniture. It is not particularly cheap to buy at the moment, but the fact you only have to buy one item rather than two means that it can be an option that makes economic sense.

Build in flexible storage

Naturally, as your child grows their needs will change. Toddlers need plenty of storage boxes for large toys. Later, it is shelf space that they need for their books, dolls, teddies and figurines. When you buy or build a wardrobe, or cupboard, for your child´s room bear this in mind. Instead of installing fixed shelving, use the type that sits on pegs. That way you can move the shelves up and down to better accommodate what they need.

Get your child involved

As your child gets older and starts to paint and draw, put some of it up in their room. They will love it, and it will encourage their creative side. As they get older, you can work on some craft projects together, and create items that can be used to decorate their room.

They are fun to do, and it encourages your child to get involved in creating comfortable surroundings for themselves. When they are older decorating their own home will be far easier because they will have already learnt many of the skills they need. You can find some great kid-friendly craft project ideas, here.