Basement Upgrades That Families Can Accomplish

If you have a basement, you’ve likely considered putting some work into the basement at some point. However, many families don’t know how to upgrade their basements, especially without a professional’s help. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your basement, consider these five simple basement upgrades that any family can do for themselves.

1. Create a Basement Storage System

Many people use their basement as a place to store things. What if you were able to use your basement as a more effective storage system? Basement shelves, plastic tote bins, and cabinet units are all great ways to create a basement storage system, and they’re all things you can get from a home improvement store or a furniture store.

2. Add a Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint will bring a completely new feeling to a basement, just like it will any room. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive and pretty easy. After all, that’s why so many homeowners paint inside walls before selling a home. If you want to paint your basement, make sure it’s healthy first; if you have moisture issues in the basement, newly painted walls can only last a season or so.

3. Address Air Quality Issues

If your basement has any air quality issues, you’re likely to see that have an impact on anything that’s in the basement. For some basements, all you really need to address a humidity and air quality problem is a basement dehumidifier. However, in some basements, you might need a complete dehumidification system. It’s never a bad idea to check in with a basement repair expert so that you can learn more about your basement’s air quality.

4. Transform a Drop Ceiling

Drop ceilings are dated and can look very dingy and gross. If you’ve ever had plumbing issues in the basement, those issues may have caused the ceiling to warp or stain, and even just their presence can be a dated element of your basement. However, replacement tiles can help with that. As long as you get ceiling tiles that fit the existing grid, you can buy replacement tiles and replace them all on your own.

5. Consider Window Well Covers

Windows in your basement can be extremely helpful; they allow natural light into the basement, they provide an emergency exit, and they can make the basement feel much more open overall. However, basement window wells, which are a requirement for basement windows, can end up being full of debris, leaves, and trash. Adding a window well cover, which you can buy from a local hardware store, can help you avoid these problems.


As you can see, basement upgrades don’t have to be intense or expensive to be effective. If you want to make your basement work a little more for your needs, you can do that on your own, often with minimal help from an expert. If you have any questions, talk to your local basement repair specialists before you get started.