How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

During the winter months our homes can get pretty cold, and let’s be honest, nobody feels comfortable inside a cold home. The natural tendency here is to turn the central heating up to the max, and leave it there. If we are being honest however, this kind of action uses an awful lot of energy; which is bad for our pockets and bad for the planet.

A ducted heating system is very much a godsend when the harsh conditions come around, but there are some additional tips which we can follow to keep our homes warm during the winter. Let’s take a look.

Sealing The Home

It is good practice to make sure that your home is sealed ahead of the winter months, and this means looking at the areas of the home where cold air can come in and warm air can escape. The first place to start is with the windows, ensuring that they have a fresh layer of caulk to seal them up. Beyond this we can look at the external doors, ensuring that they have draft excluders in place. Don’t forget the loft hatch too, this must be well insulated to prevent that warm air from rising right out of there.

Using The Windows

Instead of using heating and air conditioning throughout the year, we can take advantage of the weather to keep us warm or cool. When looking to keep the house warm, make sure that curtains are tightly closed when the sun goes down. During the day we should be looking to allow the sun to flood in through the windows, and we can take advantage of that heat to warm up the property.

Using Ceiling Fans

We all know that ceiling fans are great for keeping us cool, but they can also help to warm the home in the winter months. If you switch the blade to spin anti-clockwise, it will produce an updraft which will then force the warm air at the top of the room back into the room itself. This circulation of air is ideal for keeping rooms warmer.

Using Portable Heaters

A ducted heating system is not really needed if you are on your own, in a single room in the home. For such situations you can use portable space heaters which use far less energy in the short term and which will warm you up, without having to heat the entire property.

Closing Doors

The warm air which is generated in your home, be it through a central heating system or indeed through the sun’s rays, is valuable air, and should be looked after. This is why it is critical to ensure that doors are closed to prevent the heat from escaping to the rest of the home. Leaving doors open will dilute the hot air with colder air and you will not feel the benefit from the energy which you are using.

Simple tips which will help you to maintain a warm home this winter.