Top 5 Best Places to Travel With a Baby

Having a baby is the end of having a life, right? It’s impossible to stay out late or go on fancy trips or take a plane.

Wrong! Do you still want to travel even though you have a baby? So do it! There are tons of great baby-approved vacation spots.

Read on to learn the top five best places to travel with a baby.

How to Travel with a Baby

Before you head out make sure you’re stocked up with a packable bassinet, collapsible stroller, and one of the best baby carriers. If you’re wondering how to carry a baby on these adventures, make it easier on yourself with the right tools.

1. New England Beach Vacation

Stay in historic hotels or rent a house on the beach at one of the famous New England beach destinations such as Portsmouth, NH, Provincetown, MA, or Newport, RI.

Your little one will love playing in the shallows all day. You’ll love the easy access to shopping and restaurants and a plethora of skilled nannies who are used to working with short-term visitors when mom and dad want to take a vacation date night.

2. Campsites

Worried about your baby keeping other nearby guests up at night when you travel? Take to the woods, where there’s no one around to hear them at 2 a.m.

Camping is a great family tradition to get started with a young child. From the fresh air to the long hikes in the baby carrier, getting back to nature with your baby is a great idea.

3. Washington, D.C.

With miles of indoor and outdoor attractions – many of which are open to the public for free – both you and baby will have a lot to see.

All of the 17 buildings for the Smithsonian Institution are free to enter, providing you stimulating entertainment while your baby gets familiar with many new sights and sounds. Visit the National Mall and surrounding blocks to see the Supreme Court, Capitol, and White House in an afternoon’s walk.

The Metro subway system is a convenient, affordable way to get around even with a little one. Likewise, the city bus system can help you cover ground quickly.

4. Caribbean Cruise

You can take your baby on a cruise, so pack those bathing suits and get headed out to the docks. Caribbean waters are just a few hours away.

Taking your baby on a cruise will take a little planning. Verify with the cruise if they offer any baby food with meals, if they have high chairs and cribs available, and whether or not they have an on-ship daycare.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the biggest issues with traveling with small children is public transportation.

Copenhagen doesn’t want it to be that way, for its citizens or for visiting families. They have created designated spaces for strollers on public transport and have even removed polls on their trains to make it possible for strollers to easily park. Visit the family-friendly international city for an unforgettable Scandinavian adventure.

Ready to Visit One of the Best Places to Travel with a Baby?

Brave the world with your little munchkin in tow with these baby travel tips. Visit some of these best places to travel with a baby to get your child’s travel bug started early.

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