Canine curiosity: what breeds are recommended for dog friendly condo living?

Daschunds are perfect for dog friendly condo living ... photo by CC user Maksim on wikimedia commons

Condominiums are increasingly popular in the modern age for young professionals and starting families. However, the compact way of living it promotes might not be best for pets, since it restricts them from practicing their primal side. If you really want to take care of a pet, consider getting dogs for your space. There are certain breeds that thrive well, even without occasional dirt- digging and running.

Whereas it’s unrealistic to own a larger breed which requires constant outdoor activities, there are other canine varieties known for their ability to adapt to predominant indoor living. It’s imperative to understand the needs of the different breeds available to be able to take care of them properly. The size of your pooch is not necessarily the main issue, but their level of energy and need for outdoor interaction should be considered at all times.

English Bulldogs are a fantastic option for individuals who aren’t looking for a ‘handbag’ pooch, but a breed that will still be happy with being indoors for long periods of time. This medium-sized dog is well known for being lazy and do not like to move around too much. This means that having a little space to move around will suit them just fine.

French Bulldogs are similar to English Bulldogs when it comes to enjoying low levels of activity. With their compact size and canine charm, these adorable bulldogs would make the perfect condo companion.

Dachshunds are the smallest of the hound dogs and are known for their tiny legs. Exercise won’t be necessary for their short legs, but their lively personality will brighten up every corner of your property in an instant.

Shih Tzus are small in size and are not known to be high on energy. They won’t be needing a daily trip outdoors, but make sure to keep them active inside. Grooming is also a big responsibility you need to look into when you have this kind of breed.

Chihuahuas or ‘handbag dogs’ as people call them, are a tiny breed ranging from 2-6 lbs, meaning they won’t take up much room at all. The only issue with Chihuahuas living in a condo is the excessive barking which may occur at random times of the day. This can be easily fixed with some patience and training.

Now that you’ve decided on the breed, it’s important to consider other factors such as your property’s policies on dog ownership. Some condos restrict the size of canines permitted, while others ban dog ownership entirely. It’s crucial that you find out the policies before you bring a dog into your home, as you want to ensure you can provide your four-legged friend with a secure and stable accommodation. If you are a dog lover at heart, animal policies should be an important consideration when you search for a condominium for rent conveniently on Zipmatch.

It’s also important to provide your pet with an adequate amount of exercise and attention. Locate nearby parks with off-leash areas and socialize with your pet frequently. This will compensate for the limited space they have to roam around at home.