Installing new flooring during the new normal

Over lockdown people have revaluated everything from their jobs, to lifestyle choices to their choice in flooring.

Though so have decided to up and leave their home with a new adventure in mind, others have opted to reshape, restyle, and even reconstruct their beloved home for the sake of staying where many of their fondest memories were made.

Searching for durable flooring has become a challenge for homeowners and designers alike. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market which offer great quality, natural designs, and outstanding sustainability. 

Wood effects

Having the idea to use natural elements as a base for your home design scheme broadens your design options. Not only can you play around with light and dark, but also shades of the same colour, each with their own lifelike qualities, which make then an enhanced version of the real thing. 

Light wood will stretch your space to what looks like a much greater size. This makes the perfect setting for tall plants and soft cushions and throws. Alternatively, opting for a darker wood flooring will bring the walls closer and allow even the largest of spaces to feel cosy and warm, whilst delivering an urban feel in the summer.

Stone LVT

Luxury vinyl tiles add the perfect showroom feel to any space in your home. Whether you’ve always wanted a Gatsby styled entrance hall, a bathroom that looks like Bali, or a kitchen which Nigella would be jealous of, stone tile flooring makes all your dreams obtainable.

The beauty of stone vinyl tile, apart from visually is that all tiles are protected with a surface layer which prevent scratches, chips, and dents from ruining the look and feel of your brand new tiles. You’ll never have to worry about wearing heels, or sloshing water around in the bathroom again.

Something different

For the grand finale we come to discuss layering patterns. Parquet planks and tiles are cut smaller than normal sized planks which make them perfect for creating borders and patterns.

Some layering patterns you may choose to apply to your colour scheme are herringbone, asymmetric and geometric. With the right tones and contrasts your layering pattern will be something for all your guests to admire.

Budget friendly options

Amtico Spacia brings you a stunning range of natural flooring which is great for creating an urban or zen space using any of the colour tones in their Signature range. 

Luvanto is a more recent popular brand which exploits the best of embossed patterns through manufacturing throughout the Endure Pro, Parquet and Design ranges. 

Invictus takes the use of borders to new heights with singularly designed tiles which can be fitted together to create an all-round border or used to break up open plan spaces.

You’re going to have so much fun designing and re-designing your flooring patterns for a totally new look to your home. Want to know the best part? You didn’t even have to move!