Have a Perfect Holiday in Tangerang Indonesia

Tangerang is located on the outskirts of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capitol. While this city may feel like part of Jakarta, it also has some charms uniquely its own. Here are some sights to see to have a perfect holiday in Tangerang Indonesia

Tangerang’s Old Town
If you are interested in some living history, check out Tangerang’s old Square. Tangerang’s Old Square is home to families of Peranakan ancestry. The Peranakan where Chinese immigrants who migrated down from China centuries ago through the Malay Peninsula in the beginning of the 10th century. The Peranakan predate the Dutch colonizers and there unique customs and culture are still alive today in Tangerang’s Old Square. Today, the Old Square is home to many of these original families and at the center of the neighborhood is an ancient Chinese temple, surrounded by a bustling market. If you want to experience something unique, check out Tangerang’s Old Town to further add to your perfect holiday in Tangerang Indonesia.

Al A’zhom Mosque
The largest mosque in Tangerang, the Al A’zhom Mosque is said to feature one of the largest domes in the world. This is impressive site is an interesting visit for both muslims and non-muslims alike. The Al A’zhom Mosque is an impressive architectural site as well as an example of Indonesian religious culture, a great addition to your holiday in Tangerang.

holiday in tangerangGolfing
Golfing is very popular all over Indonesia. Tangerang is not exception with over 6 complete courses. This allows the visiting golfer to play a variety of different, top quality courses without having to commute all over the city. Tangerang is also home to many easy to access hotels such as the Novotel Tangerang, so visitors can stay close to where they play. There are also many other hotels to choose from on Traveloka.com so you never have to be far from the action.
holiday in tangerangOcean Park Water Park
If you are looking for some fun the whole family can enjoy or maybe just cool down from the legendary Jakarta heat, check out Ocean Park Water Park in Tangerang. Featuring a slew of different activities including play parks for the kids and faster slides for adults, the waterpark is a great way to enjoy your holiday in Tangerang.

Tangeray is also a great place to shop and has some unique offerings. The first Ikea in Indonesia is located here and is a great place to go, especially if you are feeling homesick or craving some of their famous Swedish meatballs. There are also several malls in this area which are perfect way to soak up some air conditioning while still staying active.

So whether you are coming to relax and play some golf, splash around in the waterpark, visit unique cultural and religious sites, or just want to go shopping; an Indonesian Holiday in Tangerang is perfect for just about anyone. So if you are a an old time expat of Jakarta or a first timer to Indonesia, do yourself a favor and check out this unique and exciting city near Jakarta.