Things New Moms Are Sick of Hearing

Being a new mom is a big time in life and there are many ups and downs. Of all the times in a parent’s life people seem the most able to deliver insults and rude questions in the guise of advice or help during the first year of your child’s life. Unsolicited advice or flat out rude comments, here are some things new moms are tired of hearing:


“Here, let me do it for you to show you how it’s done. You’re not doing it right.”
What to say back: “I understand that you just want to help, but I would prefer you give constructive criticism instead of just plain criticism.”

“You don’t need to pick her up or feed her every time she cries. All you are going to do is spoil her!”
What to say back: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that trying to take care of her needs was spoiling her.”

“You’re tired now? You have months of insomnia ad fussy nights waiting for you.”
What to say back: “Yup it’s called motherhood, and I can’t wait!”

“I can’t believe you decide not to breastfeed your baby! How can you do that to your baby?”
What to say back: “Not that I have to justify my decision to you, but I had a lot of problems and difficulties with breastfeeding.

“Your baby’s huge…what are you feeding him?”
What to say back: “Whatever he is needing whenever he needs it.”

“My son never cries.”
What to say back: “I guess then you happen to be very lucky in life.”

“So when are you going to give him sibling?”
What to say back: “Haven’t thought of it honestly as I’m too busy taking care of myh child right now. Let’s see how things go with number one right now.”

“Oh, you’re just hormonal.”
What to say back: “No, actually, I’m not. It’s call being a mommy.”

“When are you going to stop popping out babies and get your tubes tied?”
What to say back: “Are you finally going to learn some manners and common courtesy?”

“She looks nothing like you.”
What to say back: “Oh I know, it’s so bad she isn’t a little cookie cutter duplicate of me or her daddy.”

“Breastfeeding came to me so easily.”
What to say back: “Well we have been struggling with it from the start and keep trying to make it work.”

“I lost my baby fat in three weeks after my son was born!”
What to say back: “Congrats but I prefer not to starve myself.”

“I’d never go back to work after having a baby. I’d miss my baby too much.”
What to say back: “Well unfortunately, bills have to be paid and I need a job in order to do that, and I do miss my baby every second I am away.”

“You look exhausted. Are you getting any sleep?”
What to say back: “I have a newborn at home who has colic…what do you think?”

“Sleep when your baby sleeps”
What to say back: “Sure I could do that but then the house would never be clean, there would be no clean dishes, and the laundry would never get done.”

“It only gets worse as they get older!”
What to say back: “Oh what a dismal outlook to have on parenting; I honestly am looking forward to every moment of my child’s journey.

This is just scratching the surface when it comes to things people say to new moms, often without thinking about how they sound and what they are implying. So when you are talking to a new mom, think twice before you say something and whatever yo do, do NOT say any of these things to them!


The following was a post by Sarah Jo Lorenz-Coryell